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Newborn Sleep Shaping Foundations

(0-12 weeks)

Newborn Baby

Newborn Sleep Shaping Foundations
101 DIY Guide



This DIY guide is perfect for expecting or new parents of newborns 0-12 weeks. You'll learn how to survive and thrive during the 4th trimester with tips and strategies, learn the fundamentals of what is normal, and how to create a good sleep foundation of healthy sleep habits for your child. This Newborn Sleep Shaping Foundations 101 Guide is done on your own time, at your own pace. 

*This is not sleep training.

* Makes a Great Baby Shower Gift*


Investment Includes:

  • Newborn Sleep Shaping 101  DIY Guide

  • Review Guide at Your Own Pace, on Your Own 

  • Up to Two Follow-Up Emails (For baby's 1st 12 weeks of life)


Newborn Topics Includes
• Age-appropriate wake windows
• Bedtime routines
• Ideal Sleep Environment
• Product recommendations
• Swaddling techniques
• Setting realistic sleep expectations 
• Safe sleep practice
• Recognizing sleepy cues and signs
• Soothing baby techniques
• How to get your baby on the path to sleeping through the night

• and more!

Not sure which program or even if sleep shaping is for you? 

Let's jump on a free sleep assessment call to see how

I can help you meet your sleep goals.

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