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I absolutely love what I do! There's nothing better than seeing the transformation and joy when families can sleep again!

What you get with me – I am an honest, real, straight-shooter, no bullsh*t kind of gal. I’ll be your friend and cheerleader but I’ll also be direct with you to hold you accountable to our plan. I am not great with the rainbows and fluff. But let’s be honest, you don’t need fluff. What you need is for you and your kiddo to finally get some sleep!

Having received my sleep consultant certification from The Center of Pediatric Sleep Management (CPSM), I have training on the ins and outs of sleep, the science behind it, and behavior modification methods, so I can best support you. Along with being a certified pediatric sleep consultant, I am also a certified safe sleep ambassador so my clients feel confident and rest assured knowing their child is in the safest environment.

Many people hear “sleep training” and assume “cry it out.” While the Extinction is CIO, and is indeed a method used in sleep training, CIO is just one of many methods.   I will never ask you to ignore your child or leave them to ‘cry it out’.

Sleep training requires trust. I know this. And I am grateful my clients choose to put their trust in me! My services are not one-size-fits all. Every child is different so how I approach every client is different. You will receive custom plans written specifically to your family's goals and needs. Sleep Tight Tonight packages are designed to set you up for success. With unlimited communication, you will feel confident and better equipped to commit to the plan we laid out. If something does come up, we’re able to pivot quickly without causing you worry. This saves you time and gets your child on the right sleep track faster. Commit, don’t quit! My process and the success of my clients depends on what I termed, “The 5 C’s – Being Comfortable, Calm, Confident, Consistent, and Committed.” Parents see progress when they commit and follow-through with our plan. I’ll hold you accountable to our strategy, all while making you feel completely empowered and confident in managing your child’s sleep. Sleep issues may be common but it doesn’t have to be your normal. You don’t have to settle for sleepless nights. Kids typically don't grow out of bad sleep patterns to become confident, independent sleepers on their own. So, together, we'll teach them the skills and give them the confidence to put themselves to sleep without assistance.  I am here to help make bedtime peaceful and help you regain your sanity so you can Sleep Tight Tonight!

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Sleep Tight Tonight's very own:

5 STEPS (The 5 C's) Of Success

After years of working with clients, I have created what I call "The 5 C's of Success" with sleep training. When clients take these steps, they are successful in sleep training their little one!

1. COMFORTABLE: Choose a method of the 2-3 methods provided in the Sleep Plan that you connect with, one that fits your family dynamic, values, is age-appropriate, and that you can stand behind and are comfortable executing.

2. CALM: Kids feed off of and read their parent’s energy, attitude, and anxieties. Being calm limits power struggles.

3. CONFIDENT: Being confident in yourself and the plan increases your ability to stick to it. When you know you are doing this FOR your child, not TO your child, and you can remind yourself that you are doing what is best for your child, it is easier to handle the challenging moments of sleep training.

4. CONSISTENT: Kids need routine, schedules, and predictability. Being consistent increases their trust in you and allows them the opportunity to TRY to fall asleep independently. For example, when kids are told they can’t sleep in your bed, but then the next night we give in, kids don’t understand why it is okay sometimes and not others so nothing changes. Being consistent teaches boundaries and expectations.

5. COMMITMENT: When parents commit to the sleep plan, they see progress. It’s that important! Any deviation from the plan delays and derails success. When parents commit to the process, they give their child the space to learn the new skill of falling asleep independently and they see success!

My 2-week All-Inclusive Sleep Solutions program will get you and your child sleeping.  Sleep Tight Tonight's expert support provides accountability and guidance and a custom tailored sleep plan to your child's age and temperament, and to your family dynamics or parenting style. My custom sleep plan and coaching program gives you step-by-step guidance so you can implement the program with success. You will see progress with your kids’ sleep habits.

When you sleep, you empower yourself with the capability to be the best version of yourself and the best parent you can be.  

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