I absolutely love what I do! There's nothing better than seeing the transformation and joy when families can sleep again!


What you get with me – I am an honest, real, straight-shooter, no bullsh*t kind of gal. I’ll be your friend and cheerleader but I’ll also be direct with you to hold you accountable to our plan. I am not great with the rainbows and fluff. But let’s be honest, you don’t need fluff. What you need is for you and your kiddo to finally get some sleep!

Having received my sleep consultant certification from The Center of Pediatric Sleep Management (CPSM), I have training on the ins and outs of sleep, the science behind it, and behavior modification methods, so I can best support you. Along with being a certified pediatric sleep consultant, I am also a certified safe sleep ambassador so my clients feel confident and rest assured knowing their child is in the safest environment.

Many people hear “sleep training” and assume “cry it out.” While the Extinction is CIO, and is indeed a method used in sleep training, CIO is just one of many methods.

I will never ask you to ignore your child or leave them to ‘cry it out’.

Sleep training requires trust. I know this. And I am grateful my clients choose to put their trust in me!  You are letting me into your home (virtually) and I take your success personally. I am with you every step of the way. In fact, my clients often feel like they are my only client because I give each client and child the attention they deserve. A part of sleep training is also creating that trust factor for your child. Kids learn to trust you are doing what is best for them and that you will always be there even when you're not present in the room. They learn to trust themselves; they gain the confidence in their ability to fall asleep on their own!

My services are not one-size-fits all. You will receive custom plans written specifically to you and your family. Your child will have healthy sleep habits in about two weeks or less and you will have a bedtime routine that you can continue for years to come. 

My packages are designed to set you up for success. With unlimited communication, you will feel confident and better equipped to commit to the plan we laid out. If something does come up, we’re able to pivot quickly without causing you worry. This saves you time and gets your child on the right sleep track faster.

My coaching process is about parents setting up ideal environments suitable for healthy sleep for their child; creating routine, setting boundaries, facilitating behavioral changes, and teaching the child to self-soothe and fall asleep independently.

Commit, don’t quit! My process and the success of my clients depends on what I termed, “The 5 C’s – Being Comfortable, Calm, Confident, Consistent, and Committed.” Parents see progress when they commit and follow-through with our plan. I’ll hold you accountable to our strategy, all while making you feel completely empowered and confident in managing your child’s sleep, even as they grow older and hit future milestones.

Sleep issues may be common but it doesn’t have to be your normal. You don’t have to settle for sleepless nights. Kids typically don't grow out of bad sleep patterns to become confident, independent sleepers on their own. So, together, we'll teach them the skills and give them the confidence to put themselves to sleep without assistance. Everyone deserves quality sleep. Whether your child is a newborn and ready for sleep shaping or between 4 months or 6 years old and ready to learn healthy sleep skills, you’ve come to the right corner of the internet.


I am here to help make bedtime peaceful and help you regain your sanity so you can Sleep Tight Tonight!

Are you ready to get a good night sleep?

Are you ready to have peaceful bedtimes?

Are you ready to Sleep Tight Tonight?!

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 Women owned.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or marital status.

Sleep deprivation can affect us all.

The Sleep Tight Program

With Sleep Tight Tonight, here’s what you’ll get:

  • 2 weeks of unlimited 1:1 expert support

  • Real solutions to help your child’s sleep challenges

  • Detailed questionnaire providing me with a deep dive of your specific situation

  • A customized, written sleep plan, with actionable items tailored to your child's age, temperament, your family dynamics and parenting style

  • Accountability

  • Unlimited communication with me 7 days a week for the duration of our program.

  • My feedback, guidance, and live support allowing us to pivot if needed to continue to do what is best for your child

  • Additional materials to set you up for success following our time together.

Here's what you can expect when working with Sleep Tight Tonight

Working with Sleep Tight Tonight means you’ll get one-on-one, personalized attention and your own personal expert, coach, friend, cheerleader, advisor and teacher all right at your fingertips!



We’ll start with a complimentary 15-minute sleep assessment consultation to share your situation and you’ll get an idea of what to expect when working with Caryn. It will be an opportunity for you and Caryn to get to know one another.



After hiring Sleep Tight Tonight, you’ll receive a questionnaire to conduct a deep dive into your struggles

and typical day to day routines. 



Following the questionnaire, using safe and effective, evidence-based guidance, I craft an age-appropriate, custom, step-by-step, and comprehensive sleep plan tailored to your child and his or her specific needs. The sleep plan is not one-size-fits-all. Based on our conversations and questionnaire, we’ll analyze the temperament of your child, and your parenting style and family dynamic, so we’re able to hand pick the right sleep training method and write a sleep plan that best suits you and your family. It is designed to be all-inclusive to set you up for success.  

It’s your handbook and guide so you can

Sleep Tight Tonight!



We’ll go over the Sleep Plan together to discuss your concerns, goals, and answer any questions you have as well as set expectations so you feel confident and comfortable with the plan. The goal is to set you up for success so we can hit the ground running!



You will receive daily support via email and/or text for the duration of your program. Programs also include optional check-in phone calls. I will be there with you every step of

the way to ensure you have the support and accountability

you need!



Logging daily sleep times helps us see trends and troubleshoot so we can identify any patterns that may be successful or need adjustments. 

(Availability dependent on program)



I prefer to think of Sleeping training as Sleep Education. I coach you through the program and provide feedback and advice to help you stay on track and execute the Sleep Plan with success.



Your child is now sleeping independently and through the night! This calls for a celebration! Cheers!



You finally are getting restful night sleep that you have been desperately needing so you tell all your friends what a great sleeper your child has become!

Does this sound familiar?

Here are some common issues Caryn helps parents correct are (not limited to):

  • Do you want your child to have a stress-free bedtime or longer stretches of satisfying, quality sleep?

  • You’re looking for options that are NOT CIO.

  • Feeling frustrated that previous attempted methods haven’t worked

  • Is your child reliant on props to fall asleep like being rocked, nurse/feed to sleep or only wants to sleep on you or in your bed?

  • Are you going through a sleep regression?

  • Is your child constantly having night wakings?

  • Are you ready to transition out of bed sharing or co-sleeping?

  • Is your child taking unsatisfying naps?

  • You’re frustrated at the internet and need an expert to help

  • Need help transitioning from crib to bed?

  • Need help establishing predictable schedules and bedtime routines for naps and bedtime?

  • Is your child refusing to stay in bed after being tucked in or is getting out of bed before your designated wake time?

  • Do you want to make bedtime go from stressful to fun?

  • Are you tired of being tired?

I’m here to help you solve your sleep challenges and get the sleep your family deserves so you can Sleep Tight Tonight!

Schedule your free 15-minute Sleep Assessment call and let’s get started!

Sleeping Baby

Women owned.
We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or marital status.
Sleep deprivation can affect us all.


A good night’s sleep changes everything!!

Every child is capable of falling asleep without assistance, some just need to be taught how and given the opportunity to try. I view it as sleep training or education, not sleep training; because we are teaching kids essential life skills of learning to fall asleep without assistance. Why do we, as parents, tend to feel guilty about teaching our children to fall asleep independently? We don’t feel guilty telling them not to touch a hot stove or not to bite a sibling. Teaching healthy sleep habits is no different.


My goal is to build trust. I aim to build the child’s trust in the sleep process and their caregiver. I teach children to feel safe in their environment and without the presence of their parents. When children trust they are safe, they are able to calm and let themselves relax enough to fall asleep. I build trust between client and myself, the coach. I strive to be the best accountability partner, coach, friend, and someone you can trust. 

Sleep training is not a one-size-fits all process and as your personal sleep coach, I listen to your concerns and provide a personalized approach to helping you find a solution. I believe that every child and family is unique and deserves to receive the personalized, dedicated, quality service. Being that all families are different, every sleep plan is different. Together, we’ll select the best sleep method for your family. You can rest assured knowing that I will never ask you to ignore your child’s cries or basic needs.


At Sleep Tight Tonight, our mission is to work one-on-one to educate and empower moms and dads with the knowledge they need to teach their child safe, sustainable, and healthy sleep habits that will get their kiddo to fall asleep without assistance.

Everyone in the family deserves a peaceful bedtime experience and safe, stress-free, quality, restorative sleep.


Together, we can get you to Sleep Tight Tonight!

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