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Newborn Sleep Support

(Expecting or new moms/parents (0-3 months)

Sleeping Baby

Sleep Support from the Start!

Feel less anxiety
and more
so you can love the newborn phase! 


Get the help and support you need to establish healthy sleep foundations from the start. 

Is this for me?

You're little bundle will be here soon or is finally here and you can't wait to bring them home!

Then the exhaustion and questions set in...

  • You're a FTM and want to know what to expect in the newborn phase

  • You are have a newborn (0-4 months) who is struggling to sleep

  • You're wondering what sleep habits are normal for your newborn

  • Baby is waking every time you put them down, they won't sleep in their crib or anywhere but on you, and you'd like just.five.minutes to breathe

  • You thought baby would sleep when they are tired but baby is still crying and you don't know how to get them to settle. 

  • You're recovering yourself, and now you have to care for this tiny human, thinking "How do I keep them alive and happy?"
  • You're asking, "Can you hold baby too much?" (hint, you can't spoil a newborn!)

  • You're sleep deprived and told to sleep when the baby sleeps (not helpful advice), but there is too much to do and the baby always seems to wake just as you sit down

  • the list of a mother's thoughts go on...

Newborn Baby

What if you could...

  • Enjoy a hot cup of coffee

  • Take a hot shower

  • Feel confident knowing how to best help your newborn

  • Be able to know what to do to help baby sleep and grow

  • Get the rest you need too!

  • Stop playing the guessing game

  • Start thriving, not just surviving

You can breathe again.
We've got you.

With the support of Sleep Tight Tonight, you'll be empowered and prepared with the necessary know-how to help baby start sleeping better, what you can do to help them and how to establish sleep foundations from the start to get the sleep you all need!

You just gave birth and now you're sent home with few instructions on what to do next. Don't worry....

Newborn Baby

What can I expect?


  • Feel empowered - When you know what to expect and what they are communicating to you, you'll be more confident and better prepared to help your baby 

  • Less fussiness - Understanding your baby's signs (hunger, cries, sleepy cues) you'll be better able to prevent overtiredness and calm baby.

  • Find your groove - When you have baby on a flexible routine, you both have a sense of predictability, giving you a sense of calm and consistency so you can enjoy this time!

  • Sleep and be refreshed! Teaching baby to sleep does not mean you have to give up the cuddles. Enjoy ALL of the cuddles and snuggles while you both get the sleep you need to grow and thrive.

  • Setting the foundations of healthy sleep.  Have a solid sleeper by 4 months. Teach baby the skills needed for a lifetime of healthy sleep habits. You'll be better equipped to handle any possible regressions.

  • Feel confident. With a toolkit of information for the first 4 months, you'll feel closer to your baby and ready to take on the day.  Be the best parent you can be when you're rested and prepared with the tools you need!

the course details

What topics are covered?


Learn about sleep

  • Science of Newborn Sleep

  • Normal infant sleep patterns

  • Sleep Cycles

  • Sleep Associations

  • Growth Spurts

  • Infant development

  • How to create a healthy sleep foundation



  • Safe Sleep

  • Create a calm space, conducive to sleep

  • White noise

  • How to Dress for Sleep

Screenshot 2023-12-13 092923.png

How to Calm Baby

  • 5S’s method

  • Soothing ladder process

  • Sleepy Cues

  • Hunger Cues

  • Swaddling techniques

  • Gentle Settling Methods

Screenshot 2023-12-13 093221.png

Sleep Tips & Tools

  • When baby should nap (Awake windows)

  • Bedtime Routine

  • Adjusting Baby to the Crib

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to improve nights and naps



  • Day & Night Confusion (Circadian Rhythm)

  • Pacifier 

  • Dream Feeds

  • How much does baby eat?

  • The Witching Hour

  • Reflux, Colic, Gassy or normal?

Answers to questions like:

- Should I wake baby overnight?-How do I get baby to sleep?

- Am I doing this right?

...and more!

Choose Your Level of Support

No matter which option you choose, we'll be sure your baby has the foundation to be a solid sleeper and ready for what comes next to help you make these first few months of parenthood a little easier.




A relaxed group atmosphere, with a personalized approach. Have a Sleep Consultant teach you all things newborn sleep! The easy choice for expectant families and newborns up to 4 months


What's Included:

✨Group Environment, learn from me and your peers!

✨ Meet more moms

✨Come prepared with your questions to be answered during the live Q&A



$19 USD


Are you the kind of person who wants to read everything you can on your own time, at your own pace? Prepare before baby comes or even read quietly while you nurse? This guide has everything you need to conquer the newborn period.

What's included:

40+ pages to read-at-your-own-pace

* Makes a Great Baby Shower Gift*

Newborn Sleep Survival preview  (2).png



$429 USD



You’re not on your own here! You’ll have all the support you need for great sleep and to feel confident in parenthood. You'll have expert, 1:1 support to help make these first few months of parenthood a little easier. An incredible option for you and your newborn.


What's included:

✨Expert 1:1 Support & Accountability

✨Expectant/New Parent Assessment Form

(1) 60-Min Sleep Foundations Call

✨A (Virtual) Nursery Evaluation to check for safe sleep

✨A Sleep Log Audit and Assessment to ensure your routines are optimal and working for you

✨Preferred Sleep Product Guide

✨A copy of Newborn Sleep Guide PDF

✨Up to 6 weekly Live Coaching Calls for Baby's first weeks of life* to get answers to your questions in real-time

30 days of email support for your on-demand guidance through all those poop, nap and pestering questions, 

✨Plus discounts on future sleep training programs once baby is 4months+

This Sleep Shaping Foundation Program will help you navigate the first 12 weeks, teaching you the fundamentals of baby sleep, what to expect, and how to introduce healthy sleep habits. Baby will have the foundation to be a solid sleeper and ready to hit those developmental leaps.

* Makes a Great Baby Shower Gift*

PSST: Book a free call to chat about availability and program details 


Newborn Baby

This is not sleep training. Formal sleep training is not recommended until 4 months.

Need more help or Not sure which is for you?  Let's chat.

Schedule a free 15-minute sleep consult call to find out what program is right foryou.

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