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What happy, Rested parents are saying... 

"My daughter always struggled with bedtime and needed someone to lay with her to fall asleep. About a year ago it got even worse when she started waking up in the middle of the night anywhere from 4-10x a night and eventually ended up sleeping in our bed. We tried everything from the usual sleep training books and online research, spoke to behavioral psychologists and our pediatrician but nothing they suggested worked.

Then we met Caryn at Sleep Tight Tonight and she has seriously changed our lives. She truly listened to us and heard what we knew wouldn’t work and custom tailored a plan for our daughter and was with us every step of the way. She was responsive, supportive, encouraging and gave a little tough love when we needed it. She stuck with us way beyond the three weeks and went above and beyond what any other sleep consultant had committed to doing.

Our daughter now goes to sleep on her own for the first time in three years!!! She is no longer coming out of her room looking for us every two hours!! Bedtime is no longer dreaded or stressful and we are finally able to start enjoying our evenings again.  I know firsthand the struggles and wish I had called Caryn sooner. 


For any parent struggling with any sleep issues, Caryn is a miracle worker!"

Rebecca R. 

Mom of 3 year old

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