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Happy Parents are saying...

Caryn is an absolute lifesaver! We were at our wits' end trying to correct the poor sleep habits we instilled in our 6-month-old. Our daughter had no set schedule, wouldn't fall asleep for naps or bedtime unless we fed her (to drowsiness), gave her a pacifier, and walked with her for 30-60 min. until she fell asleep on us. We repeated this process 3-4x after EACH night feeding, leaving very little time for [us] to get any sleep. Caryn crafted a detailed sleep plan uniquely tailored to address our daughter's specific sleep needs and dependencies and provided numerous resources designed to educate and empower us to confidently implement her plan. The results were incredible - our daughter slept through the night in her own crib on NIGHT ONE! What's more, she only cried for a short amount of time before self-soothing and eventually falling asleep independently and without the use of sleep props. After tackling overnight sleep, Caryn provided extensive one-on-one / real-time coaching and support, which quickly enabled our little one to master daytime naps. Purchasing one of Sleep Tight Tonight's sleep solution packages was the BEST investment we have made as parents thus far. Our only regret is waiting so long to get started!"

Stephanie P., mom of 6 month old

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