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Sleeping though the night. Solid naps. 

Predictable schedules. Battle-free bedtimes. 


Does this sound like a dream?

Sleep Tight Tonight can make it a reality!

Bedtime battles will be a thing of the past in less than two weeks! 

Are you frustrated and struggling to get your child to sleep? What if you could actually look forward to bedtime?  Although there is no magic wand, what if I told you that you will have stress-free, easy bedtimes and we will get your child to falling asleep and falling back to sleep independently in less than 2 weeks? It's true. 


No matter where you are with your child’s sleep journey,

getting quality sleep is possible with help from Sleep Tight Tonight. 

Which Program is Right for Your Family?

Not sure which program or even if sleep training is for you? 

Let's jump on a free sleep assessment call to see how

I can help you meet your sleep goals.

Sleep Training Works!

Through my coaching, parents learn: 

  • Confidence in bedtime and parenting

  • How to create and execute an age-appropriate daytime/nap schedule.

  • How to speak baby! Crying is how kids communicate and deciphering what the cries are saying means parents can be at their best to know how to help and react to a child.

  • How to eliminate negative sleep associations (being rocked, fed, or held to sleep).

  • How to teach your child how to fall asleep and back to sleep independently using safe and effective methods (other than CIO).

  • How to address middle of the night wakings, short naps, and early morning wakeups.

  • How to keep your toddler from leaving their bed or coming up with all of those endless bedtime excuses.

  • How to make bedtime a peaceful process! 

  • and more!

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