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Newborn Sleep Shaping 

(0-12 weeks)

Sleep Shaping is setting the foundation of healthy sleep habits without formal sleep training

Newborn Baby

Newborn 101 DIY Guide
coming soon!


This DIY guide is perfect for you if:

You're a first time mom or dad who is expecting or already have a newborn and want to learn what is normal, how to establish healthy sleep habits from the start and go on your own time, at your own pace, without 1:1 support.

* Makes a Great Baby Shower Gift*

Investment Includes:

  • Newborn Sleep Shaping 101  DIY Guide

  • Review Guide at Your Own Pace, on Your Own 

  • Up to Two Follow-Up Emails (for baby's 1st 12 weeks of life)

It is never too early to implement healthy habits and a good sleep foundation for your child. This DIY guide is an education on the fundamentals of how to survive and thrive during the fourth trimester. You'll learn the fundamentals of what is normal and how to create a healthy sleep foundation for your child. From understanding safe sleep, to setting realistic sleep expectations, sleepy cues and choosing the right swaddle, to establishing wake windows on a flexible schedule, we'll be sure your your baby has the foundation to be a solid sleeper and ready for what comes next to help make these first few months of parenthood a little easier.​


Newborn Topics Includes
• Age-appropriate wake windows
• Bedtime routines
• Ideal Sleep Environment
• Product recommendations
• Safe sleep practice
• Recognizing sleepy cues and signs
• Soothing baby techniques
• How to start your baby on the path to sleeping through the night

• and more!

This is not sleep training. Formal sleep training is not recommended until 4 months.

Not sure which program or even if sleep training is for you? 

Let's jump on a free sleep assessment call to see how

I can help you meet your sleep goals.

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