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How to enjoy 4th of july fireworks with young kids

Wondering if you should (or shouldn't) bring your little one to fireworks and how it might impact their sleep?

I've got you covered.

With 4th of July here, you may be asking yourself “What do I do about fireworks with a little one? Is it okay to keep them up past their bedtime to watch? Should I bring them? Should we skip it?”


be prepared for fireworks with my top tips


BE READY FOR BED: Consider dressing your child in pajamas in case they fall asleep during the show or if they are still awake afterwards, change into pajamas and a clean diaper so you can easily transfer them to crib/bed when you get home.


PROTECT YOUR CHILD’S EARS: The fireworks can get very loud so be prepared with Mumba noise-canceling headphones to protect their ears from any potential hearing loss.


PREPARE YOUR CHILD IN ADVANCE: Talk to your child about what to expect like what fireworks are, the loud sounds they make, the crowds, what will happen before, during, and after, etc. Consider showing firework videos beforehand to help demonstrate. A little conversation can make a big impact!


BRING SNACKS, TOYS, AND COMFORT ITEMS: Keep your child busy and entertained with snacks, drinks, toys, their favorite blanket etc. Familiar items help pass the time before and during the show and provide comfort in a potentially overwhelming environment.


BE PREPARED TO LEAVE EARLY: Have an exit strategy in case your child is not enjoying the show and becomes overwhelmed or scared.


OFFER EARLIER BEDTIME & KEEP BEDTIME ROUTINE: Stick to your usual bedtime routine however, consider starting earlier, long before the fireworks start, and adjust bedtime timing if needed so your toddler is asleep before they begin. Check out my bedtime routine, if you don't already have a bedtime routine in place.



USE/INCREASE THE WHITE NOISE: White noise machines like the Hatch can drown out the sound of fireworks or sudden loud sounds. Adding an extra noise machine by their window may create a helpful sound barrier.


CREATE A CALM ENVIRONMENT: Close windows and curtains to reduce the sounds and distractions from the fireworks. Stay calm yourself - avoid expressing or feeding them the idea of fear or anxiety about the noise. Children can read and take cues from your behavior.


PREPARE YOUR CHILD IN ADVANCE: Talk to your child about what fireworks are and the possibility that they may be woken by loud noises overnight.


IF THEY WAKE, OFFER SUPPORT: Remain calm and confident and provide comfort while reassuring that they are safe and everything is okay. Kids understand more than we often give credit for and a little prep conversation can be calming!


If they need a little extra support at bedtime, do that. If they are extra tired the next day, offer an earlier bedtime. Do what you need to do and then be prepared to jump right back on the track where you left off to reestablish those independent sleep skills!


You know your child best. There is no right or wrong. 


Whatever you do, do what is best for YOUR child and family. Personally, my daughter doesn’t like fireworks so we skip.


Remember, it’s just one night 

and habits don’t form in one night.


Happy 4th of July. Cheers to bending the sleep rules and making sleep easy.

Wishing you a safe and wonderful holiday! 



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