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Say Goodnight To Toddler
Sleep Struggles

The Masterclass 

Class Dates: 

Each class is structured to be done at your own pace.

Module Length:

Each module takes about 30 minutes

Event Location:

Online Virtual Class

(You will receive a link for the class when you register)

This is a 3 part masterclass that is led by Caryn Shender, founder of Sleep Tight Tonight. 



ABCS Of Safe Sleep

Bedtime Routines

How Sleep Associations Affect Sleep and What You Can Do

How Much Sleep YOUR Child Needs In 24 Hours

How To Improve Naps

Why Your Child Is Waking Before 6am

What is a regression and what you can do

And More!

This class is intended for kids 4mo-2 years



Meet your Masterclass Coach

Caryn Shender

Founder of Sleep Tight Tonight

I am a proud mom, certified pediatric sleep consultant, safe sleep ambassador, and author of My Scar is Beautiful. I am passionate about and committed to helping families turn sleepless nights into easy, peaceful nights and sweet dreams. Being a parent is hard. Being an exhausted parent is next to impossible. Together, we’ll make sleep easy.

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