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Together, we will get you to Sleep Tight Tonight!
Are you struggling to get your little one to sleep without assistance? Are they waking multiple times a night, being bottle fed or rocked to sleep? Are they getting up before the sun? Cranky or fussy during the day? Is your toddler constantly finding excuses not to stay in bed? Are you ready to transition to a crib?  There are tons of reasons why bedtime may be a battle, so ask yourself:
Are you tired of being tired?

Being a parent is hard, but being an exhausted parent is next to impossible.
When your little one pulls an all-nighter, you do too. And, if you're like me, your desire to
stay up all night like you're still in college is long gone. Those exhausting nights can make it hard to enjoy the daytime cuddles and kisses. 

In under two weeks, your child will be a better sleeper and you'll both be able to Sleep Tight Tonight!
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About Caryn Shender

Founder of Sleep Tight Tonight

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Certified Safe Sleep Ambassador


Wife & Mom

As a sleep coach, Caryn helps client tackle their family's sleep challenges. She works with parents of kids ages 4 months to 6 years to help teach healthy sleep habits and safe, independent sleep. She also supports families of newborns (4th trimester) who want to lay the foundation for healthy sleep habits from the start. 

"As a sleep coach, I love helping families love bedtime again. I am passionate about helping parents get their little ones to fall asleep without assistance and stay asleep, so everyone can get the restorative, restful sleep they need to function. Just because you’re a parent does not mean you have to be sleep deprived! 

Wouldn’t it be great to be that parent who says, “my child is a great sleeper!”

No matter where you are with your child’s sleep journey, getting quality sleep is possible with help from Sleep Tight Tonight.  If your child is struggling with any sleep issues, contact Caryn today!

Together, we can get you to Sleep Tight Tonight!

"Caryn was amazing to work with! Even with moving, our son has been able to fall asleep independently. Caryn was patient with me with my uneasiness of hearing my son cry. All of this has allowed me to become a better mother to him. Would highly advise all parents having trouble putting their child to sleep to reach out to Caryn today, you will not regret it!"

Sarah H.
mom of 6 month old