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Together, we can make sleep easy!

Are you tired of being tired? Overwhelmed by the long overnights?
Are naps a nightmare? Is bedtime a battle? 
Getting restful sleep is not a dream.

Being a parent is hard.
Being an exhausted parent is next to impossible. 

Caryn is your family's answer to turning your child's sleepless nights into easy bedtimes and sweet dreams! With personalized sleep support, solutions, and a step-by-step strategy plan, you will get the restful sleep you need so that you can Sleep Tight Tonight!

The results are life-changing!

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Your own personal sleep coach and BFF

Hi, Mama! I'm Caryn! 

I am the founder of Sleep Tight Tonight, author and mom of a little girl who sleeps through the night in her own room. Every night, we finish dinner, start our bedtime routine, my daughter says her night-nights and is off to sleep. After bedtime, I get to spend time with my husband, Joe, or some quality me time to relax with a glass of wine and unwind.

But, it wasn't always this easy.  


I'm guessing if you're here, you are looking for help to make bedtimes easier because your little human is struggling with sleep, which means YOU are having some rough nights, too. I am so glad you're here - I will help you transition your rough nights into restful sleep and easy bedtimes so that sleep is easy and your family can get the sleep you need. 

Sleep issues may be common but it doesn’t have to be your normal. Everyone sleeps when your little one sleeps. 


And I can help!


You might need a sleep coach if...


  • What you're currently doing is no longer sustainable

  • Your child is being rocked or nursed/bottle fed to sleep

  • Your child wakes frequently throughout the night

  • Your child wakes 45-60 minutes after falling asleep

  • Your child is sleeping in bed with you

  • Your child needs to be held or touching you to sleep

  • Your child is waking up ready to start the day way too early (before 6am)

  • You don't have a consistent daytime sleep schedule

  • Naps are a struggle

  • Bedtime is a battle and dreaded

  • You get anxious at bedtime or nap time

  • You know you need to make a change but don't want to use CIO

  • You've tried before on your own and nothing seems to be working

  • You know you need to make a change but all the advice you've been given by friends or family or read on blogs, books and courses just isn't working and feels overwhelming and dated

If this sounds familiar, just know you are not alone and that this is fixable! Every child and situation is unique so let's set up a free sleep assessment call to talk about what's going on, your goals and how we can make a plan for change, together!  Sleep is not a luxury; it is a necessity. When you're well-rested, you are the best version of yourself and able to enjoy these precious baby years. So let's get started!

sleep solution programs: 

custom sleep plan tailored to your child and family needs

What Parents Are Saying about
Sleep Tight Tonight

Caryn is an absolute lifesaver! Our daughter had no set schedule, wouldn't fall asleep for naps or bedtime unless we fed her (to drowsiness), gave her a pacifier, and walked with her for 30-60 min. until she fell asleep on us. We repeated this process 3-4x after EACH night feeding, leaving very little time for [us] to get any sleep. The results were incredible - our daughter slept through the night in her own crib on NIGHT ONE!  Purchasing one of Sleep Tight Tonight's sleep solution packages was the BEST investment we have made as parents thus far. Our only regret is waiting so long to get started!"


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Independent sleep is a skill.

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